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Missed out on our Kickstarter?  Not to worry you can pre-order your LOGi-Boards that will be MFD'd and shipped with the kickstarter boards.  In the mean time we are talking to potential distributors who will be carrying to the boards in the future.  Let us know who your favorite distibutors are?  support@valentfx.com

LOGi FPGA Development Boards                                           

The LOGi series is a family of FPGA development boards that mitigates the sharp learning curve associated with FPGA development and unifies existing hardware interfaces and platforms.  FPGA development is an invaluable technology that allows a single board to morph in functionality to fit the needs of changing environments.  The LOGi Family FPGA boards allow beginning or experienced FPGA developers a plug-and-play experience with popular embedded systems including the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and the Arduino DUE. The LOGi Team and the LOGi family of boards create a closed loop solution including applications and hardware for a low-cost, easy-to-use, highly-functional FPGA development solution that complements current COTS hardware peripherals and systems.


Open Source Hardware

Valent F(x) is dedicated to  simplifying the complexities of electronics design for hobbyists and enthusiats by enabling them to begin to learn and use electronics in a straight forward manner.  We are in a world of an abundance available electronics hardware including FPGA and embedded development hardware.  Many of these available platforms require proprietary programming hardware, have custom port interfaces and cannot easily connect to different types of electronics peripherals.  Valent F(x) overcomes these challenges by developing open source hardware that is easy to use, eliminates the need for expensive programmers and interfaces with a multitude of existing hardware peripherals.


Collaborative Projects - From Design to Fabrication

Valent F(x) is about bringing like-minded professionals and hobbyists together to facilitate design and fabrication of proposed projects.  There are many needs for electronics modules, development boards, breakout boards, software, drivers, etc. that fill the gaps of the existing array of electronics on the market.  Solutions can be found that remedy these gaps most effectively by working with developers with the same interests and contrasting disciplines of expertise.  The FPGA LOGi boards are an example  of collaborative design to meet a missing need in the market.  Valent F(x) plans to create an infrastructure that supports such collaborative efforts.

  • logi-pi-bone-mark1.jpg
  • logi-pi.jpg
  • logi-mark1-raspberry-pi_sm.jpg
  • logi-mark1-beaglebone2_sm.jpg
  • logi-bone-beaglebone_sm.jpg
  • mark1-pi-arduino-wifi1_sm.jpg
  • active_necklace1.jpg
  • mark1-pi-arduino-wifi1_sm.jpg
  • LOGi-Mark1, LOGi-Pi, LOGi-Bone
  • LOGi-Pi
  • LOGI-MARK1 Running on the Raspberry Pi
  • LOGI-MARK1 Running on the Beaglebone
  • LOGI-BONE-Slim Running on the Beaglebone
  • Logi-Mark1 with Arduino Wifi Shield and PMOD's, Raspberry Pi
  • Logi-Mark1 with Arduino Wifi Shield and PMOD's, Raspberry Pi

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